An Open Letter: Non-Support of “Local Option”

Please read our most recent Open Letter that was sent to the Council of Bishops as well as the Connectional Table today.

Local Option Response-page-001


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter: Non-Support of “Local Option”

  1. I respect the work of Love Prevails so much, but I must disagree here. While the “A Way Forward” proposal isn’t perfect (and in its current form, likely wouldn’t pass Judicial Council approval given its connectional problems– a clergyperson being suitable in one AC but not in another) it is a start, and will allow for us to identify and work on inclusion in those annual conferences that still would not permit LGBTQ clergy to serve Closer to home, it would allow me to be ordained, if not in my home conference than in a neighboring one, this would be very difficult and I can’t claim to speak to others in this similar situation, but I would be willing to move if it meant I could serve openly and continue to work for full-inclusion openly in non-affirming conferences and churches. I wouldn’t have to work quietly for fear of being outed.

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