Tools to disclose

  • Proudly disclose to conference leadership, Boards of Ordained Ministry, Superintendents and Bishops:
    1. Our convictions about LGBTQ equality and our commitment to working for full
    inclusion of LGBTQ people;
    2. Our identities as LGBTQ people;
    3. Information about same-gender holy unions and weddings we as clergy have
  • Tell a new story of love and inclusion in our pulpits and pews, by written word and social media. Submit your story of disclosing to the Love Prevails website, and post your stories on our Facebook page.
  • No longer self-censor. Stop believing your silence will protect the UMC, your congregation, your family, yourself.
  • Support the people in your community, in your local churches, annual conferences, and in the denomination who have disclosed. Write them letters of encouragement and love. Hold and attend prayer vigils in relation to their work. Ask them if there are specific ways you can support them.
  • If you understand your pastor to be supportive of gay people, encourage your pastor to disclose their position again, or more boldly on the matter from the pulpit. This might also be an act of disruption.
  • Offer financial support of clergy who are going to trial because of their sexual orientation or because they have performed same-gender marriages and unions.

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