Tools to disrupt

  • Refuse to uphold the policies of the UMC which discriminate against LGBTQ people. Marry same-sex loving people and disclose your actions publicly.
  • Let your church building be used for same-sex weddings and publicize this.
    Whenever you see or hear antigay language stop the conversation; whether it’s at a party, in a sermon, at Annual Conference or on the floor of General Conference.
  • Help show the interconnectedness of issues of homophobia, exclusion, violence, and other forms of oppression. For example, a conversation about bullying must also acknowledge the ways LGBTQ people are bullied in the workplace, at school, at church. A conversation about poverty must also acknowledge how many LGBTQ youth are homeless and poor.
  • Write a letter to your bishop, or to any bishop who is currently overseeing a complaint and charges related to matters of same-sex sexuality and gender identity. Tell bishops in written form and in person that they need to take leadership in the denomination to change our exclusive policies. Do not support bishops in their language of upholding the unity of the church for the purpose of upholding the oppression of LGBTQ people.
  • Consider attending a national level General Church meeting being held in your area to put the church on notice that we do not intend to let another four years pass without significant resistance to the status quo. Follow Love Prevails’ actions at the General Church level and consider joining us.
  • If you know your pastor/s to be privately supportive of LGBTQ inclusion in church and society, speak with your pastor/s about preaching on the matter.
  • Take a nonviolence/civil disobedience training.

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1 thought on “Tools to disrupt

  1. Disrupting thoughts is an important action. For instance, The United Methodist Church is not simply a neutral, descriptive name of an organization. The UMC stands for something. In this case it stands for 40 years of being incompatible with the grace of G*D to gift and call LGBT people to ordained ministry.
    To name this every time you write the name or acronym of the denomination with your added assessment of this discriminatory reality disrupts any assumed legitimacy of the institution in its current form. Decide your level of discomfort with the current state of discrimination and name it.
    You might be able to gently name it as The Silly UMC or The Ungraceful UMC. You may want to move it up a bit to The Being-Left-Behind UMC or The Out-of-Touch UMC. Perhaps you can go to The Discriminatory UMC or The Heretical UMC. Whatever your descriptor, use it regularly. If The Gift-Denying United Methodist Church can begin to hear its restrictive actions associated with its name, it may yet repent of of being incompatible with the movement of the Spirit of Jesus teaching us not to tell false stories about one another. Use your disruptive tongue, your ability to describe, to name what is in order to move us toward what we might yet become – people filled with an expansive and expanding love of G*D, Neighb*r, and One Another.

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