Fall 2014 Native American Study

Love Prevails will attend the Council of Bishops and Connectional Table meetings in Oklahoma city in November 2014, at which time we will engage in acts of repentance and healing towards indigenous people, which follows on the United Methodist General Conference Act of Repentance in 2012. In preparation for being in Oklahoma and in light of the 2012 Act of Repentance, Love Prevails will engage in study of materials that will prepare us for this context and these acts. Our resources include United Methodist resolutions and resources on Native Americans, historical study of the genocide and removal related to the Trail of Tears, the Doctrine of Discovery, and much more.

Please visit the pages under the “Fall 2014 Native American Study” to join the Love Prevails team in active engagement in recognizing the discrimination against Native American peoples throughout United Methodist history. For any questions you may have, please visit the “Donate/Contact” page to reach out. We look forward to engaging with you!


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