July 18th Conversation

This coming Friday, July 18th, there will be a meeting in Chicago called by the Connectional Table and the Council of Bishops Executive Meeting. See our letter about it below.July 18 Letter Final-page-001


5 thoughts on “July 18th Conversation

  1. If by “work with” the CT and COB you mean taking over the agenda at every turn, then I suppose that has been successful. Why these groups would reward your behavior with an invitation to the table, when you clearly have no interest in reasonable conversation, is beyond me.

  2. There is a deeply simplistic binary construction that judges “reasonableness” on the basis of one’s own experience or information base while denying those of another. What is “reasonable” does have a different cast to it depending on one’s privilege (current majority) or injury. The promise of Love Prevails seems to be to continue drawing a larger circle for others than is drawn for them.

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