Deborah Buffton

I was a lifelong United Methodist until 2003.  My dad is a retired United Methodist pastor and I was baptized, confirmed and married in the church.  Throughout most of my life I supported the church financially (often significantly more than simply a tithe) and I served in leadership roles on the Church Council, Outreach Committees, Worship Committees, choir, and more.

However, in 2004 I left the local church to which I belonged, feeling that I really didn’t “belong” there, and I have never joined another UMC. This is largely because of the UMC’s contradictory and hurtful stance on GLBT people and issues.  Although I have taken pride in the church’s earlier stance on workers’ rights, I am troubled by its current disenfranchisement of GLBT folks.

If and when the church decides to live out the meaning of God’s expansive love and welcome GLBT folks fully into the church, I may return and bring back my prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.



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