One Church Plan Critique – Petition #15

From Wesley White’s Critique of the One Church Plan

Central Conference Implementation – Par. 543.17

This is a practical petition, given the different realities of Central Conference meeting times and language translations. Would that other petitions could have the same foresight of difficulties.

Amend ¶ 543.17 as follows:

  1. In a central conference or provisional central conference using a language other than English, legislation passed by a General Conference shall not take effect until twelve 18 months after the close of that General Conference in order to afford the necessary time to make adaptations and to publish a translation of the legislation that has been enacted . . .
    • Nonetheless, it is vital that this petition is defeated.
    • Left as is means there will not be an experience of the decisions of 2019 until after a next General Conference in 2020. Already, the current 12-month boundary means there will only be two or three months to experience the decisions made in 2019 before being pushed to look at their early results and make adjustments in 2020.

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