The “F” Word

by Julie Todd – written for United Methodist General Conference 2008

Face Facts
i am Furious sometimes
Fed up
Fair weather Friends
legislative Firing squads
False Frames
& Fallacies
Fags are Freaks
Fidelity in marriage
Frozen in singleness
exercises in Futility
Fever-pitch Fear
Fictions so Far from truth
Fed up, Foremost
with the status quo
where we end up Flogged and Forlorn
Feeling like Failures
let’s Flush this Feces down the toilet
start Fresh
Flirt with the Future

what iF
we fantasize
about Fort worth
Framed ourselves
outside this Foolishness
Flagrant in Flouting their Fictions
we are, in Fact,
Free within ourselves
to Fashion our Future
we are Fertile territory
for the Favor of god

what iF
we decided to be Fearless
Forget what’s Feasible
i Foresee:
all the Fairies Flooding the conference Floor
‘Far-Flung Family members’
a Fabulous reunion
queer as Folk
Face-to-Face with Friend and Foe
oFFering a Feast of Fancy
Forging a Faith community
that appears as more than a Facelift
we are a Fountain of renewal
Fools for christ
who Finally Forego legislative Formalities
Fighting power
Fomenting change
wouldn’t that be Fascinating
not to mention, Far more Fun?


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