On Advent & Waiting

December 3 2015
Julie Todd

Perhaps this Advent season
can help me.
This interminable waiting.

This undetermined
period of time
in which I am asked
to hold onto belief that
that which has been promised,
will arrive.

I read these Advent texts
And imagine
These followers of Jesus
Waiting, waiting, waiting
To be released

After a while,
some give up
& see the dream of release
as delusion.
& others
continue to see it as vision;
rely on even older visions
as proof,
as motivation.
God delivers.
To compel

& for some
believing in the promise.
became habit.
Instead of animated desire.
Before long,
the waiting period
became a metaphor
No longer
content to wait
for light to come,
rather than light fires
in the darkness.


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