Steven Webster asks you to support #give53

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Steven Webster (pictured in our #give53 photo to the right) shares his thoughts on why he supports Love Prevails and asks you to support the #give53 campaign.

“Friends, I had my own personal confrontation with the “incompatible with Christian teaching” clause in the United Methodist Book of Discipline forty years ago.  I joined others then to organize the United Methodist Gay Caucus, later to become Affirmation.  I worked to make my local church one of the first dozen Reconciling Congregations.  At the 2000 General Conference I joined with Soulforce in seeking to apply the practice of nonviolence in the traditions of Gandhi and King.  At the 2012 General Conference I joined Love Prevails as they took up the methods of nonviolence in much the same tradition.  With them I proclaimed God’s grace even as our General Conference seemed to express doubt in that same grace!  With Love Prevails, I crossed the bar of General Conference to halt the harm that our adversaries intended to do to LGBT persons through General Conference legislation.  I am deeply impressed with the leadership of Love Prevails and the depth of their grounding in the philosophy of nonviolence.  I urge you to join me in supporting Love Prevails with your gifts, your prayers, your presence and your witness as we prepare to confront the General Conference of 2016 in Portland, Oregon!”

Steven Webster, Madison, Wisconsin

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