Laura Ralston on #showup

Sometimes we are kept away from being present physically with the causes that we support. Sometimes that is because of the busy lives we all have in activism and sometimes it is because meetings are held in other countries and are not accessible to us whether clergy or lay members of the UMC.

Even so, we work to ‪#‎showup‬ in our own contexts in the ways that we can, when we can. In what ways do you #showup for justice? Below is Love Prevails member, Laura Ralston, participating in the ‪#‎DreamUMC‬ twitter chat leading up to the next Connectional Table Meeting.



#showup for justice

People often ask us why, after all of these years of struggle, we at Love Prevails continue to show up for the movement for LGBTQ justice and inclusion in our church. Each member of the Love Prevails team has different reasons why. Here Rev. Dr. Julie Todd tells us why she keeps showing up. We would love to hear from you. How do you plan to #showup for justice in your community and church this year?