2 thoughts on “Moratorium

  1. This is a provocative and positive reframing of what appears to be an attractive offer (that is to place a moratorium on trials). I like it. All decisions have consequences and the weighing of one set of consequences over against the other is challenging. Does a moratorium provide for a needed cooling off period that allows for creative rethinking / realignment among the bishops and the larger church or as suggested merely makes it easier to prosecute in less visible ways or to make challenges and challenging persons disappear?

    If this is a war and we think in terms of battlefield strategy, it is indeed a time to press the advantage. But are there still other ways to move through this time with integrity and fewer losses on both sides. If the institution were an individual tottering on the brink of collapse over conflicting voices in his/her head, voices with conflicting loyalties/values such as many of our returning veterans are experiencing. What would we prescribe. We know that pushing and pressuring Vets to honor one voice and not the other simply makes things worse. People need safe spaces in which to come to terms with all the voices. What would such a space look like for an institution also caught on the horns of a dilemma?

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